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Eat Like a Catholic

How eating like a Catholic can change your life “The Catholic Table” may just restore some sanity to the way you eat. Full Article I talk in the book about the difference between controlling the body and caring for the body. Some people emphasize controlling the body because it can be the source of sin… Read more »

Pro-Choicers Go to Church

Remember that sometimes we think we are hearing God’s voice, but it may not be Him at all. Full Article Not only do they go to church, but Abby (Johnson) truly believed she was doing what God wanted her to be doing when she was with Planned Parenthood. Dr. Tiller was killed while attending church…. Read more »

The Big Death Lobby, Part Two

Stephanie Block, a veteran journalist, documents the role of Saul Alinsky and his followers in radicalizing American religious institutions.   In this video she focuses on one state, North Carolina, emphasizing how these organizers are corrupting the health care system and using religious institutions in an effort to control human behavior and life-and-death decisions. This… Read more »

We Need a New Culture for Health Care, one with Conscience/Compassion.

Nationwide, we are seeing aggressive moves to – force doctors and nurses to take part in killing their patients. Full Article Assisted suicide legislation is advancing in New Jersey and the District of Columbia. Colorado voters will decide in November whether to legalize the practice in their state. In the few months since California’s new… Read more »

Trump Clinton Polar Opposites On Abortion

“I am pro-life and I will be appointing pro-life [Supreme Court] justices,” Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, stated at the debate. Clinton, the Democratic presidential candidate, said about mothers’ decisions to have abortions, “I do not think the United States government should be stepping in and making those most personal of decisions.” The next president… Read more »

Why is Senator Kaine Personally Opposed to Abortion

Why is Senator Kaine personally opposed to abortion, if he does not believe that it is the taking of an innocent human life? I hope in his science classes at Rockhurst he learned that at the moment of fertilization a new human life has begun with his or her own distinct DNA — different from… Read more »

Are They Building a New Health Care System?

In response to religious freedom concerns – as well as concerns about rising insurance costs – some Americans began turning to health care-share organizations, which have grown in popularity over the past few years. Solidarity HealthShare, based in Phoenix, Arizona, was founded in 2012 in conjunction with a pre-existing healthshare group called Melita Christian Fellowship… Read more »

Such Blatant Political Bigotry is an Affront to Orthodox Catholics

At this important time in our nation’s history, I encourage all of us to take a moment to reflect on one of the founding principles of our republic – the freedom of religion. It ensures the right of faith communities to preserve the integrity of their beliefs and proper self-governance.  There have been recent reports that… Read more »

Hillary Clinton Mocks Catholics!

“All Americans of faith should take a long, hard look at this and decide if these are the values we want to be represented in our next president,” (Paul) Ryan added. Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway blasted the remarks in a conference call Wednesday, saying they show the campaign’s disdain for Catholics. “For 30 years… Read more »

Catholics ‘Cannot Support’ Pro-abortion Candidates

DENVER, Colorado, October 5, 2016 – Catholics “in good conscience cannot support candidates who will advance abortion” and the Democratic party “platform is aggressively pro-abortion,” the Denver Archbishop Samuel Aquila wrote in a column lambasting abortion, same-sex “marriage,” and hostile attacks on religious freedom. Describing a dinner party conversation he had with other Catholics, Aquila… Read more »