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Calendar For Life

Pre-born children need all the help they can get! When one child is allowed to live generations are allowed to live. Your Prolife work and efforts save lives.

Because the world-wide web is a huge information highway, offering low cost access, high speed transport for your Prolife efforts, making them readily available to millions of people.

May your Prolife information reach all people of good will who are concerned for the betterment of men and women and the cultural health of society! Thousands are searching for your Prolife information.

People like you create thousands of Prolife events and activities. You want these to reach a wider audience. The helps do that! Using it can help you save lives.

Because our culture cannot turn away from the faces of these innocent unborn children, crying out for help, who are without guilt, as their lives are sacrificed.

And abortion is not a standalone issue. It’s tied up with a whole culture’s view on other fundamental social issues. Among these, is marriage, ethical medical research, religious freedom, knowing gender, secularized media group think, etc.

The conducts web processes which assist you, making your Prolife events and activities reach more people.

Upcoming Pro-life Events


40 Days for Life Birmingham

Birmingham , Alabama

Join us to launch the Birmingham 40 Days for Life. We will begin with prayer, listen to several well known speakers, enjoy prayerful music by candlelight and return home leaving flowers on site in memory of all those harmed and lost by abortion.          


40 Days for Life Albuquerque

Albuquerque , New Mexico

40 Days for Life New Mexico welcomes you for inspiration and preparation for prayer fasting and community outreach. Calling all those who believe this dream is possible, "for all things are possible with God." Join the 40 Days for Life team and presenter Grant Bresett.

40 Days for Life Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor , Michigan

40 Days For Life Ann Arbor. Please mark your calendars  with 40 Days For Life campaign. Working and praying together, we can save more babies from abortion and spare more mothers and fathers a lifetime of agony and regret. Most new prayer volunteers choose to pray while standing at the

40 Days For Life Nationwide Campaign

Any City - Nationwide

The next worldwide 40 Days for Life campaign is now taking shape across America and around the world for those who feel called to lead a local campaign. If you want to bring this track record of proven results to your community it’s time to pray … discern … and, now it’s

Life Runners A-Cross America Relay

Any City - Nationwide

2017 A-Cross America Relay - LIFE Runners will run/walk 1,568 legs (~5K each) for 5,564 miles over 40 days.  The East Coast Arm (1,997 miles) launches from the New York City Brooklyn Bridge, and the West Coast Arm (2,092 miles) launches from the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge.  A few

40 Days For Life Chula Vista

Chula Vista , California

You're invited to join us in Fasting and Prayer for "40 Days For Life, Chula Vista" a peaceful, prayer vigil, on the public sidewalks outside of the mini-mall. Everyone is encouraged to pray daily and to, if not already, fast on Wednesdays and Fridays to help end abortions and to

40 Days for Life Colubus

Columbus , Ohio

Greater Columbus Right to Life, our community will take part in 40 Days for Life … a groundbreaking, coordinated international  mobilization. We pray that, with God’s help, this will mark the beginning of the end of abortion in our city — and beyond. - Numerous former abortionists call sidewalk counseling the most effective method

40 Days for Life - Hollywood Florida

Hollywood , Florida

Public right-of-way outside A Woman's Center of Hollywood 3829 Hollywood Boulevard Unit C Hollywood, Florida 33021 40 days for life campaign. We pray that, with God’s help, this will mark the beginning of the end of abortion in our city — and beyond.  

40 Days for Life Los Angeles

Los Angeles , California

In solidarity with 40 Days for Life across America, 40 Days for Life Los Angeles will have a presence on the Public Sidewalk outside FPA Women's Health 601 S Westmoreland Ave. our community will

40 Days for Life Milwaukee

Milwaukee , Wisconsin

Learn more about the 40 Days for Life movement that is sweeping the nation! Come enjoy some home cooked chili & hot dogs! Learn how you can make a difference in creating a Culture of Life - in your own backyard! Meet Dan Miller - State Director of Pro-Life Wisconsin!