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Calendar For Life

Pre-born children need all the help they can get! When one child is allowed to live generations are allowed to live. Your Prolife work and efforts save lives.

Because the world-wide web is a huge information highway, offering low cost access, high speed transport for your Prolife efforts, making them readily available to millions of people.

May your Prolife information reach all people of good will who are concerned for the betterment of men and women and the cultural health of society! Thousands are searching for your Prolife information.

People like you create thousands of Prolife events and activities. You want these to reach a wider audience. The helps do that! Using it can help you save lives.

Because our culture cannot turn away from the faces of these innocent unborn children, crying out for help, who are without guilt, as their lives are sacrificed.

And abortion is not a standalone issue. It’s tied up with a whole culture’s view on other fundamental social issues. Among these, is marriage, ethical medical research, religious freedom, knowing gender, secularized media group think, etc.

The conducts web processes which assist you, making your Prolife events and activities reach more people.

Upcoming Pro-life Events


Annual Defend Life, Family & Freedom Benefit Dinner - 2017

San Antonio , Texas

The Defend Life, Family & Freedom Benefit Dinner To support the fight for life and against abortion in the City of St. Anthony to welcome all of the Life Runners to San Antonio for their inaugural run on the 21st 


March for Life Registration open to High Schoolers

Grand Rapids , Michigan

If you are a high school age young person who'd like to attend the 2018 March for Life, please contact your parish's youth ministry leader, or Catholic campus minister for more information. If your parish or school is not organizing a March for Life group, but you'd still like to attend,

Dec 15th: Rally at the RSA in Montgomery!

Montgomery , Alabama

This Friday at 11 AM, CEC For Life is asking every pro-life, praying citizen to show up on the steps of the Alabama Department of Public Health for an incredibly important rally. This event is part of our current campaign, Birmingham Babies Deserve Better. We, the citizens of Alabama, will


The Dr. Kermit Gosnell Movie - Violence, Greed, and a Cover up that Shook the Nation

Any City - Nationwide

The Dr. Kermit Gosnell Movie - Violence, Greed, and a Cover up that Shook the Nation. Six years ago, Dr. Kermit gosnell was known in west philadelphia as ”the good doctor.” Today, he sits behind bars, convicted of three counts of first degree murder. How did this beloved doctor become

Peace in the Womb Pro-Life Christmas Caroling Across America

Any City - Nationwide

ProLife Christmas Caroling has scheduled events at locations across America for Empty Manger Day! Words can't express how powerful the moment is when you hand a gift basket to a mother, filled with 'firsts' for her baby -- first blanket, first diaper, first booties.

Pro Life Christmas Caroling Eight abortion clinics in Chicago and DuPage County

Chicago , Illinois

Join the Pro-Life Action League's "Peace in the Womb" Christmas caroling tours in Chicago and DuPage County as we sing our favorite carols reminding abortion-bound mothers that the salvation of the world came through an unplanned pregnancy!  

Helpers Mass and Rosary For Life Holcombe Houston

Houston , Texas

Join the Helpers of God's Precious Infants on Saturday, December 16, 2017 for 8:15 am Mass at St Dominic Village Warren Chapel, 2401 Holcombe, Houston  followed by Rosary at Planned Parenthood 4600 Gulf Freeway.  If you cannot join us, please remember us and all individuals whose lives we touch that day

Empty Manger Christmas Caroling

Norristown , Pennsylvania

Empty Manger & Christmas Caroling On the Public sidewalk at Norristown Planned Parenthood, 1221 Locust St. Norristown, PA  19401. Parking available on side streets and there is a free parking garage on Powell St.  Also, another entrance on Fornance St.  All are welcome! Christmas time is one of joyful expectation, a celebration

Empty Manger Protest

St Louis , Missouri

As we prepare for the coming of Baby Jesus we need to step back and remember all the families who will have an empty manger in their homes during this Christmas season.  We will gather to pray for these families in Missouri and across the Nation  We will pray for

Helpers of God's Precious Infants St Louis

St Louis , Missouri

Helpers of God's Precious Infants, join us for the next Mass at the Cathedral Basilica with Fr. Peter Fonseca, Queen of All Saints as the celebrant to lead the rosary walk