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When Nature Isn’t Natural Anymore!

The only way for what is not natural to become natural is to give the word “natural” an unnatural meaning. And that is where we are headed as a society. We are being asked to give up believing that there are any things that are “natural” to our humanity and pretend that things are only… Read more »

Fostering will Tax the Hardiest of Families

In that instant, the Holy Spirit crushed my heart at the display of my daughters’ Christ-likeness. My resistance crumbled. “Okay, they can stay,” I conceded. Four years later and I am proud to call these two young men my sons. Full Article It is hard. I’ll not sugar-coat that truth. We’ve been stolen from, lied… Read more »

Jennings: ‘I was born to have babies and play volleyball’

“I want to win a fourth gold medal, I would love to have a fourth baby.” she says. Beach volleyball superstar Kerri Walsh Jennings, who has won three Olympic gold medals, and also has three children.   [My children] gave me that perspective and balance I thought I was missing. It took my game and… Read more »

They are Bent on Dismantling the Natural Family

Ideologues don’t want what the rest of us want. The endgame for gender ideologues and their allies (feminist, Marxist, gay, lesbian, “gender-queer,” and so forth) has nothing to do with bathrooms and everything to do with the things we cherish most: they are bent on dismantling the natural family, marginalizing or muzzling religious belief, particularly… Read more »

Holiday Loneliness Not a Good Recipe for Virtue

Conquer Pornography This Christmas The holidays are a special time for everyone, and for us as Catholics especially. We get together with our friends and family, have time off from work, and get to experience, however dimly, a taste of Christendom with society at large celebrating Christmas with music and secular trappings. Lonely for the… Read more »