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Dirty Dozen List. American Culture has been Pornified??

Since the 1950s generations of pornography users have grown up watching pornography. During the course of the intervening decades, pornography has become increasingly available and normalized. This should come as no surprise, as pornography users, who often start out as teenagers, grow up to become individuals who work as librarians, law enforcement officers, lawyers, judges,… Read more »

Videogame Company Comes Under Fire for Promoting Sexual Coercion and Exploitation

“Steam, a popular videogame distribution platform that could be likened to the ‘Walmart of online videogame distribution,’ is selling games that normalize and promote sexual coercion and exploitation. These games, House Party and Porno Studio Tycoon, are easily available to an estimated 35 million children who buy videogames off of Steam.” Full Article “The House… Read more »

South Dakota Declares Pornography a Public Health Crisis

ANOTHER STATE IS RECOGNIZING THE HARMS Major victory: South Dakota Unanimously Recognized the Public Health Harms Did you hear the incredible news? The resolution declaring a pornography a public health crisis passed the South Dakota House 65-0 and passed South Dakota Senate on a 35-0 vote! This means that South Dakota is the second state… Read more »

When is the Last Time you Made Something that Demands your Energy and Creative Capacity?

I don’t mean sticking a pizza in the oven or putting together that table from Ikea. I mean really making something—a craft, a work of art, a piece of furniture, or anything that demands your energy and creative capacity. When visiting the public museum recently, my family and I made our way to the upper… Read more »

More than 200 Pastors Jumped into Politics this Year

“While some people try and paint it as extraordinary, it’s not. It’s actually a very normal American thing – people who love our country and who love God and love other people to get engaged in the political process. I’m excited it’s happening. It should be a conversation that’s bubbling up around the country,” stated… Read more »

Comcast Refuses to Remove Racist and Exploitive Pornography

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation sent a letter [Trigger Warning: explicit pornographic film titles offered by Comcast listed within the letter] to Comcast executives to bring their attention to this issue and to inform them that they could be in violation of the law for producing illegal obscene material. To Comcast, valuable ‘customer choice’ means… Read more »

Schools Must Teach Gender Expression Starting in Kindergarten

The document clearly instructs public schools districts to begin teaching students — beginning in Kindergarten — about gender expression, gender identity, gender roles, and sexual orientation.  The state expects this area of education to be completed by the seventh grade, so that students are able to “distinguish between biological sex, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.” OSPI is using the… Read more »

Where Do Pro-Choice Catholic Democrats Come From?

What do families like the Pelosis, the Kennedys or the Bidens — and millions of non-famous Irish and Italian-American clans with strong ethnic and historical connections to the Church — do with themselves when they reject its teaching authority? The history of the Catholic left gives us the answer: Such people focused on the parts… Read more »

Verizon Knows People Won’t Tolerate Their Sickening Distribution of, Sexploitation

When I began working for the National Center on Sexual Exploitation last July, I never dreamed that one day I’d be sitting face-to-face with the CEO and Chairman of Verizon talking with him about the harms of pornography. But that is exactly what happened last week! Now some backstory: as many of you know, Verizon… Read more »

N.C. Gov. Stands up to Bathroom Bullies!

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory on Monday dismissed criticism of a controversial new law blocking Charlotte’s bathroom ordinance as “political theater” that he says is concocted by left-wing activists, accusing them of a “calculated smear campaign” that included threatening local businesses to oppose the measure. In an interview with NBC News, McCrory said he would… Read more »