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Bloody Billionaires Target Families, Unborn

Dear Friend of the Friday Fax, You have heard of billionaires Bill and Melinda Gates. You’ve heard of Warren Buffet and George Soros. But have you heard of Chuck Feeney? Tim Gill? How about John Styker. Each are hard-left billionaires who have targeted the family, and the unborn at the UN and on the ground… Read more »

Online Population Control Seminar “The Global Agenda to End Poverty by Eliminating the Poor”

The first-ever internet-based international population control seminar will provide background on the issue and discuss the grave harm that population control programs are inflicting on the world’s poor. The International Conference on Population Control will be presented in an online format, making the conference available to everyone. The Lepanto Institute is hosting event with the… Read more »

Which Countries are, Shrinking in Size!!

Amid historic worries about population growth, people often forget that many countries around the world are, or will soon be, shrinking in size. Full Article In the coming decades, the countries that can maintain an at least somewhat reasonable population growth rate, and enough younger people, will likely do best. To a large extent, it’s… Read more »

Adding Abortion to Nations Mortality Statistics

Abortion deaths are not counted in the nation’s mortality statistics. When added back in, some astounding conclusions are revealed. When one considers abortion as a cause (of death), it is almost equivalent to the government’s top two causes combined! Using estimates for 2009 from the Guttmacher Institute, Studnicki and colleagues calculate that the 1,152,000 deaths… Read more »

Mother Teresa Schools Us about Abortion

Mother Teresa Abortion is a Rejection of Jesus! “But I feel that the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because Jesus said, ‘If you receive a little child, you receive me.’ So every abortion is the denial of receiving Jesus, the neglect of receiving Jesus.” Full Article at “I have said often, and… Read more »

Changing Lives at Vans Warped Tour “Do Human Rights Begin with Brain Waves?”

Changing Lives at Vans Warped Tour “Honestly I love what you guys are doing. The conversation I had with one of you at Warped (tour) yesterday changed my perspective a lot.” Working in the pro-life movement we love stories. Stories of saved children, adoption opportunities, and more crop up at every event we work, and… Read more »

Take the Quiz! What do You Know about Abortion in America?

The Truth About Abortion. Take the Quiz to Test Your Knowledge. Start Truth-Abortion-Quiz Here! Do you know the truth about abortion in America? What is being done to combat this horrific problem? Are we, as taxpayers, funding abortion? Take the quiz to find out how much you know about abortion in America and just how… Read more »

He Wrote to his Wife, “Today I lost my Nobel Prize.”

Professor Jerome Lejeune had discovered the genetic cause of Down Syndrome, in 1959 when he saw under his microscope in a Paris laboratory the third little mark on the 21st chromosome. But the drama of his life was that his discovery of trisomy 21 would lead to a medical holocaust, national health systems giving huge… Read more »

Young Women Are Gambling On a Losing Game

Years ago I thought I could “have it all”: I’d get settled in my career and have my first baby in my mid-thirties. I had it all planned, right down to the month. Imagine my surprise when the baby did not arrive on schedule! Young women still think they can “have it all.” The Media… Read more »

Birth-Control Pills in Our Drinking Water

Scientists have known for more than 15 years that humans are excreting their prescription drugs into American sewers and that water-purification systems are not equipped to filter the chemical effluents from drugs, including anything from birth-control pills and painkillers to psychiatric medicines. Read more: But in the absence of public awareness and outcry, little… Read more »