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Colorado Cake Artist Jack Phillips goes to United States Supreme Court

In 2012 he had politely declining to design and create a cake for a same-sex wedding. He has asked the court to uphold his freedom to live and work consistent with his religious convictions, a freedom the First Amendment guarantees. Full Article The justices are being asked in the case — known as Masterpiece Cake… Read more »

The Pro-life Community is Buying out the Abortion Industry

Reading a recent article here about another abortion center shuttered and bought out by the pro-life community—this time in Toledo, Ohio—I’m seeing more than a few isolated victories. Full Article For God’s sake, literally, because this is truly for God and His glory; this is happening in Florida, Philadelphia, Chattanooga, Iowa, Miami, Texas—and other places… Read more »

Young Women Are Gambling On a Losing Game

Years ago I thought I could “have it all”: I’d get settled in my career and have my first baby in my mid-thirties. I had it all planned, right down to the month. Imagine my surprise when the baby did not arrive on schedule! Young women still think they can “have it all.” The Media… Read more »

Another Planned Parenthood Officially Closed!

DUBUQUE (KWWL) – Dubuque’s Planned Parenthood is no more. A note on the door says it closed on Thursday. This move being supported by those who are pro-life advocates, like the organization, Dubuque County Right To Life. “This is a victory for women and their unborn children,” said Marian Bourek, executive director of the organization. –… Read more »

Aborted Baby Body Parts NEEDED TO SAVE LIVES??

“We are going to review the business practices of these procurement organizations and do some investigating of how they have constructed a for-profit business model from selling baby body parts,” Ms. Blackburn said in an interview (House Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives).  FULL ARTICLE It is no secret that Planned Parenthood has created an… Read more »

The Banality of Evil: Investigating Planned Parenthood

Shortly after David Daleiden exposed Planned Parenthood’s trade in baby body parts, Congress established a Select Panel to investigate the abortion giant’s practice of fetal body part harvesting. On March 2, the Panel held its first hearing. Complete Article CALLOUS DISREGARD FOR HUMAN LIFE – The Panel’s exhibits include emails casually discussing the availability of specific body… Read more »

Their Stores were Being “testshopped” by Abortion Activists!

How One Family Is Relying on Faith and Each Other in the Face of Government Persecution “This wasn’t—and isn’t—just about the Stormans or access to Plan B,” says Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Kristen Waggoner, who has represented the family for close to a decade. “This is about a national pro-abortion, anti-religion agenda, with activist… Read more »

Can American Economy Survive the Abortion Bomb!!

Can America survive the abortion boom? Twenty years ago, I ran full-page ads in the Washington Times National Weekly forecasting economic disaster ahead for America because of the economic and social impact of the abortion epidemic.  Since then, a major economic malaise has set in while the abortion toll has risen from 38 million to 59… Read more »