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Is Cecile Richards Getting out While She Can!!!

“Could it be that Richards is getting out while she can, before indictments are handed down?” wonders Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue. “Or could it be that Planned Parenthood now sees her as a liability with all her connections to others under criminal investigation such as Hillary Clinton, the beleaguered Clinton Foundation, and Fusion… Read more »

Hand of Hope – Image Seen Round the World

The image of the hand of a 21 week-old unborn baby reaching out of the womb and holding the surgeon’s finger . Michael Clancy, Photojournalist captured a famous and controversial picture  during spina bifida surgery on Samuel Armas an unborn child. The incredible picture shows Samual reaching out of the womb, ( a miraculous glimpse of life in a mother’s womb), grasping… Read more »

Such Evil must Be Defeated

Last summer, the scandal was baby body parts – Planned Parenthood trafficking in the remains of the innocent babies they had killed.   This summer, the scandal is another money issue. The Zika virus is attacking unborn babies in the womb and leaving some with devastating deformations of the head and brain.  Congress is trying… Read more »

Media Covers Orlando, Ignores Abortion! Why?

She remarked: how could we expect a teenager on the streets to respect the life of another teen when lives are not respected in their mothers’ wombs? Her statement in the resulting video was so insightful that our state Attorney General at the time remarked that it had made a powerful impression on him.… Read more »

They will Stop Grinding Newborn Chicks to Death!

On the day they’re born, all the fluffy male chicks born to egg-laying hens at hatcheries are gruesomely killed — usually by being run, while conscious, through what is essentially a blender. That’s because they’re useless to the industry. They can’t grow up to lay eggs, and they weren’t bred to be the fast-growing chickens sold… Read more »