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Challenge your Pastors to ‘speak the truth’ against Abortion

The elites in both parties, Republicans and Democrats, do not want to lose the ‘right to abortion.’ “Because it is the way of the elites to change the culture and to get control of the lives of those whom they see as lesser beings than they are.” he said. “If you want to hear about… Read more »

Super Bowl Ad Humanizes Unborn Child

A pro-choice group kicked off a corn chip controversy Sunday night when it mocked a Doritos commercial as being “anti-choice” for using the “tactic of humanizing fetuses.” SANTA CLARA, CA, February 8, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – Doritos thought a commercial featuring an unborn child reaching out for a chip was a cute marketing technique. NARAL… Read more »

The March for Life DC Wasn’t a “Small Crowd”!

Hey Mainstream Media, the March for Life wasn’t a “small crowd”! And for it being in the dead of winter, I’d say it was a large crowd. It’s like the first Tea Party march. Hardly any mention of the march and when they did, couldn’t say it was near a million people. A rare rooftop… Read more »

Senate Vote Defunding Planned Parenthood is Historic!

Today, the U.S. Senate has succeeded in voting to defund Planned Parenthood of taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars. While the pro-abortion White House had earlier promised to issue a veto. This vote is the first time that the Senate has successfully voted to strip Planned Parenthood’s federal funding, sending it instead to more worthy health care centers… Read more »