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Dr. Kermit Gosnell Movie – Violence, Greed, and a Cover up that Shook the Nation

How did this beloved doctor become one of the most hated and controversial figures of the decade? – 3801 Lancaster: American Tragedy — Trailer #1 In February of 2010, the Philadelphia Police Department and the FBI raided the offices of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, a respected physician and late-term abortion provider in West Philadelphia. The doctor… Read more »

It Tells a Gruesome Story of Baby Body Parts Harvesting

Journal of “Procurement Notes Tell a Gruesome Story of Baby Body Parts Harvesting. While it is sometimes thought that babies in the first trimester are not harvested for their body parts and organs, the procurement notes prove this false. Brains, hearts, lungs, and eyes from 10-12 week old babies are noted all throughout the journal. The… Read more »

Ghost Abortions – The Cost of Abortion is too High to Count!

Today is the 43rd anniversary of the Supreme Court’s diabolical Roe v. Wade ruling. We’d like to present this different way of looking at this most somber of memorials. From 1990 and back to 1973, 12,700,000 female babies were aborted. Had they not been aborted, they would have on average each given birth themselves by now to… Read more »

Empty Manger Caroling Day

In recent years, more and more pro-life activists around the country have started holding their own Christmas caroling events outside abortion clinics, and now it’s your turn to get involved in this pro-life activity! – The idea behind the annual event is to bring the hope and joy of Christmas to these places of… Read more »