Tell them: It’s time to Defund Planned Parenthood.

In 2016 the Pro-Life Movement took action, voting to keeping our pro-life majorities in the House and Senate and electing a pro-life president. We did our part. Now it’s their turn to take action and remove all tax dollars from America’s abortion giant, Planned Parenthood.

We need to make it absolutely clear to Congressional leadership that defunding Planned Parenthood immediately is a non-negotiable.

That’s why we just launched the Defund Planned Parenthood petition. Click here to add your name right now: 

But leadership in the House and Senate need to see that the Pro-Life Movement is unified behind the call to cancel the half-a-billion dollar check Planned Parenthood receives from taxpayers every year.

Please, will you add your name today, and then – this is important – forward this email to five friends and urge them to take action.

Defunding Planned Parenthood is within reach. Let’s do this together.

Nobody But Planned Parenthood In A Minute

Abortion is the #1 cause of death in Black America. This “In A Minute” video series is designed to address the impact of abortion within the Black American community, in light of the fact that since abortion was legalized in 1967, more Black American babies in the womb of their own mothers have been killed by abortion than the total number of Black American deaths from all other causes combined in America. Video Link

This video highlights the data in our “Number Series” of press releases. The press releases can be found in our library ( on the first floor and click on the “Press Releases” link to see it all our press releases in one place.

The numbers don’t lie.

Walter B. Hoye II
Issues4Life Foundation

The Human BeinGz
Song: “Nobody but Me” (1967)


1. “Nobody But Planned Parenthood In A Minute”:
2. “It’s About The Money In A Minute”:
3. “I Count The Tears In A Minute”:
4. “Simply Un-Acceptable In A Minute”:

The Big Death Lobby, Part Two

Stephanie Block, a veteran journalist, documents the role of Saul Alinsky and his followers in radicalizing American religious institutions.


In this video she focuses on one state, North Carolina, emphasizing how these organizers are corrupting the health care system and using religious institutions in an effort to control human behavior and life-and-death decisions.

This segment is part 2 of a larger 4 piece expose which is devoted to the rise of the “death” lobby, a leftist movement which has roots in the abortion industry as well as forced government controlled healthcare. It provides  much background in understanding the concerns within the Catholic Church regarding certain ethical and moral problems with social justice issues. Full Article

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing Saul Alinsky Video

Adult Stem Cell Treatment Restored his Eyesight

Doug Oliver started losing his eyesight when he was 32. He describes his vision then as like “a honeycomb of blind spots.” He could not discern his wife’s face while walking alongside her; he could not read under normal lighting; he could not exercise. Eventually, he almost hit two pedestrians in a crosswalk while driving into town. Full Article

After being declared legally blind, Doug suffered both mentally and emotionally. He even considered ending his life. Doug suffered from maculopathy, which he was told had no known treatment or cure. But the same doctor who told Doug that there was no hope for a cure later told him, “If there is going to be a solution to your problem, it’s not going to be in genetic therapy, it’s going to be in stem cells.”

Stem Cell Research Facts is a project of the Charlotte Lozier Institute since January 2015. CLI plans to continue producing inspiring videos like Doug Oliver’s to raise awareness about the life-saving, research-based, and ethical treatment option of adult stem cell transplants.

We Need a New Culture for Health Care, one with Conscience/Compassion.

Nationwide, we are seeing aggressive moves to – force doctors and nurses to take part in killing their patients. Full Article

Assisted suicide legislation is advancing in New Jersey and the District of Columbia. Colorado voters will decide in November whether to legalize the practice in their state.

In the few months since California’s new assisted suicide law took effect, we have already seen the first public case of something lawmakers and advocates promised would not happen. A terminally ill woman was denied insurance coverage for the chemotherapy treatment her doctor recommended, although her insurance did offer to cover suicide drugs.

Conscience, compassion and health care

Conscience, compassion and health care

We must continue to oppose assisted suicide as an unjust and dangerous public policy. It gives “end of life options” to those who already have the privilege of good health care. But for the poor, it will make suicide by prescription the “recommended” or only option. In fact, this year’s California budget includes $2.3 million to subsidize giving lethal drugs to the poor through the Medi-Cal system.

Assisted suicide is not only being promoted for the poor, but also for the mentally ill. State officials have already published disturbing new regulations to require doctors who work in state institutions for the mentally ill to help their patients kill themselves if they request it.

Nationwide, we are seeing aggressive moves to erase ancient conscience protections and force doctors and nurses to take part in killing their patients, and also to perform abortions, sterilizations, “sex reassignment” surgeries and other practices they oppose on moral grounds.

In recent months, leading medical journals have come out strongly against continued conscience protections for doctors. Practical Ethics published a statement by prominent bioethicists arguing that doctors should be forced to perform any procedure that is permitted by law.

Rock for Life Promotes Human Rights for all People, Born and Preborn

Rock for Life – We promote human rights for all people, born and preborn, by engaging the culture through music, education and action. Link

The Rock for Life Street Team is a network of young people who want to be active in the pro-life movement in their communities and online through social media. Link

Rockforlife Met two awesome best friends

Rockforlife Met two awesome best friends

November is National Adoption Awareness Month and we want to spend this month raising awareness about the life-saving act of adoption. We are celebrating by putting all of our “Adoption Saves Lives” merch on sale! We have many different options and colors available – t-shirts, v-necks, tanks, ladies’ cut shirts and tanks, ¾ baseball sleeves and even long sleeve ladies tees as well as bumper stickers and buttons. Everything that reads, “Adoption Saves Lives” is on sale and all orders will be shipped within 24 hours. That will give you time to order your shirt and wear it all month.

Confessions of an Abortion Doctor

Today, though, there are so few providers who will perform terminations that the people who do agree to provide them end up taking the bulk of procedures. It can be hard. I’m a generalist — I like a lot of different things about being an OB-GYN. But because sometimes I’m the only person around, I end up doing a lot of terminations. Full Article

I have the utmost respect for life; I appreciate that life starts early in the womb, but also believe that I’m ending it for good reasons. Often I’m saving the woman, or I’m improving the lives of the other children in the family. I also believe that women have a life they have to consider. If a woman is working full-time, has one child already, and is barely getting by, having another child that would financially push her to go on public assistance is going to lessen the quality of her life. And it’s also an issue for the child, if it would not have had a good life. Life’s hard enough when you’re wanted and everything’s prepared for. So yes, I end life, but even when it’s hard, it’s for a good reason. Supporting Article


Pro-lifers have Historic Opportunity on Election Day.

The sight of the dead girl’s limp body being pulled from the ruined abdomen of her mother is burned into my mind. It is a nightmarish vision that I will carry with me to the grave. I have been uncompromisingly Pro-Life ever since. Full Article

I am determined to fight for Life. I joined the ranks of the millions of Americans who had been selflessly giving of their time and treasure since 1973, when the Supreme had authorized this modern-day slaughter of the innocents. In my naiveté I anticipated a speedy victory.  After all, we had the most pro-life president in modern American history, Ronald Reagan, in office and on our side. I was wrong.

A year later, again thanks to Reagan, we were able to defund the UN Population Fund, an agency that was — and is — heavily involved in China’s program of forced abortions and sterilizations. I was proud of this victory. I provided much of the evidence.

We also cut back spending on population control and reduced Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer subsidies. Yet with each new Democrat administration — first Clinton, and then Obama — these advances were undone. The pro-life movement was never politically strong enough to write these gains into settled law.

On November 8th, for the first time in a generation, we have an opportunity to elect not just a pro-life House, and not just a pro-life Senate. We have an opportunity to elect a President who has promised to implement pro-life measures, and a Vice President with a solid and longstanding pro-life record.

We can “vote.” We have a say

We have what virtually none have had throughout history.  Until 1776, no one had a say in their rule. Full Article  “The Continental Divide” [in World Views in This Election] by Pastor Tommy Nelson, Denton Bible Church An Enormous Disparity of World Views in This Election

The best way to govern?  Through Jesus Christ, “righteousness incarnate,” “wisdom incarnate.”  He will not be elected.  But until He returns a representative democracy is a good way.

And, like it or not, we have the responsibility to be informed and vote.  Because the cause of death of a Representative Democracy is not just ignorance of truth but also apathy.  A-pathos: “don’t care.”  An apathy arising from discouragement that says, “I’m just one person,” or “the candidates are flawed,” or “I’ve got other things to worry about.”

Meaning, it is in the difficult day that you must be strong.  When evil has gained control, that is when you must stand.  You must be a hero when heroes must be.  And you can’t use the excuse of ignorance.

God knows that you know because God watches over you and cares for you.  And you will be accountable for your silence. And this is where we are in 2016. Two candidates.  Both flawed.  Seriously.  Both children of the 60s.  My people.  One five years older than me.  One just three.

Both “true nature’s child.  They were born, born to be wild.”  One an activist.  One a capitalist. Is it a meaningless election?  Will we lose either way?  An election called “The Clump.” No.  This election will be enormous in our history.  As the Republican and Democratic platforms are headed in polar opposite directions.  Not just politically, but theologically and morally.  Half of our country will be elated on Nov. 8.  Half outraged.

Because an enormous disparity of worldviews has finally surfaced in our country.  One that has been brewing beneath the surface for 100 years, ever since our move from modernism to post-modernism in the 50s and 60s.  “Modernism” is seeking truth, not through the Bible but through man’s reason.  Modernism believes there is truth but it’s up to man to find it.  Modernism failed.  Because of the prevailing question of “Says who?”  There was no final, eternal, infinite, outside of man, divine authority.

We Need to Win this Mother Fu**ker

Robert Creamer is tied to the Clinton campaign and the dirty tricks of buying and paying for homeless people and other protesters to show up at Trump rallies and provoke violence.  It is Robert Creamer who’s been caught on tape explaining how it was done, how it was paid for, and who ordered it done. Full Article

Dirty Tricks at Trump rallies Election 2016

Dirty Tricks at Trump rallies Election 2016

Part III of the undercover Project Veritas Action investigation dives further into the back room dealings of Democratic politics. It exposes prohibited communications between Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the DNC and the non-profit organization Americans United for Change. And, it’s all disguised as a duck. In this video, several Project Veritas Action undercover journalists catch Democracy Partners founder directly implicating Hillary Clinton in FEC violations. “In the end, it was the candidate, Hillary Clinton, the future president of the United States, who wanted ducks on the ground,” says Creamer in one of several exchanges. “So, by God, we would get ducks on the ground.” It is made clear that high-level DNC operative Creamer realized that this direct coordination between Democracy Partners and the campaign would be damning when he said: “Don’t repeat that to anybody.” The first video explained the dark secrets and the hidden connections and organizations the Clinton campaign uses to incite violence at Trump rallies. The second video exposed a diabolical step-by-step voter fraud strategy discussed by top Democratic operatives and showed one key operative admitting that the Democrats have been rigging elections for fifty years. This latest video takes this investigation even further.