Prayers for Charlie Gard a 10-month old and his parents.

Charlie Gard — a 10-month old boy in England who is seriously ill with a rare disease … a poor prognosis … and a bureaucracy that is turning a deaf ear to his plight.

Charlie Gard a 10-month old boy in England

Charlie Gard a 10-month old boy in England

Charlie’s case has generated an outpouring of support from pro-life leaders — and many people of good will from around the world.

This is quite simply an assault on human dignity, with one group of people telling another person that he does not have a right to live. Full Article

There have even been some decision-makers who’ve said it’s “in Charlie’s best interests” that he be taken off life support … which will lead to his death.

Charlie’s parents want life for their son despite the desperate circumstances, but doctors, hospitals and even the government are placing barriers in their path at every step.

Dear Liberals: Planned Parenthood is the Leading Killer of Unarmed Black Lives.

Black lives matter. Or so we’re told. Yet over 300,000 deaths of unarmed black lives in the womb happen every year due to abortion brutality and this movement embraces the violence as “reproductive justice”.

Black women have abortions at rates 5 times higher than the majority population. Full Article

Black lives matter

Black lives matter

In NYC, home of Planned Parenthood, there are 1,101 abortions for every 1,000 live births in the black community—more aborted than born alive.

Compare that to 228 abortions for every 1,000 live births among whites and 557 abortions for every 1,000 Hispanic live births.

The only extreme position here is justifying the deaths of those who could one day make history. There is no dignity in willfully destroying our Future.

There is no equality when it’s not extended to the most vulnerable among us. #BlackLivesMatter? #AllLivesMatter?

Liberals show that hashtags are rather meaningless. Human beings, in and out of the womb however, are not.

Abortion Procedures: Unveiling the Choice

Content is disturbing enough: there are no graphic images used. Just sick, how can this be legal?

In this video, we demonstrate some of the most common abortion procedures being used today. America needs to know what “choice” actually means. If you would not to choose to die by one of these methods, what makes it acceptable for another human being? View Video

Some of the most common abortion procedures being used today.

Some of the most common abortion procedures being used today.

Abortion is easy to call a “choice,” unless it is being chosen for you. Are one of these procedures a way you would like to die? Please share this video. In our experience, learning about the procedures makes the biggest impact in the heart of a person supporting abortion.

I am pro-choice for first trimester abortions.  That being said, ALL PRO CHOICE PEOPLE SHOULD WATCH THIS!  Without understanding what is happening, it’s impossible to have an educated opinion or belief about something, and this is no different.  Ignorance is what leads a lot of women to their opinions on abortion, and I know this because I am a woman.

This is so satanic and to think I almost had a vacuum abortion. I chose life and told Planned Parenthood I would not murder my child! Just because some of us feel it’s not time to have a baby, it’s the best time in your life, becoming a mother. Trust me! Best said by Dr.Suess: “A life is a life, no matter how small.”

This is ridiculously misleading. Late term abortions are completely illegal in most places, unless there is some type of medical complication that is threatening the mother’s life or the baby is already dead. So basically this video is trying to shame women who have miscarried or would face serious medical problems if their baby was born. And they leave out the part where fetuses have no feelings during the first trimester. The brain and other organs are literally just beginning to form. If you’re going to try to make an argument against this, how about state facts instead of making a misleading video to appeal to uneducated people’s knee jerk reactions.

What Actually Happens During an Abortion

Planned Parenthood’s depictions of abortion are far from reality.

What actually happens during an Abortion

What actually happens during an Abortion

Planned Parenthood would like for you to think an abortion is a routine medical operation. These aren’t efforts in accordance with a desire to be medically accurate. Full Article

Abortions are gruesome procedures. In a Live Action video that points out the Planned Parenthood video’s inaccuracies, former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino who himself committed over 1,200 abortions details what actually happens during an abortion. Watch the Video

The baby has a heartbeat, fingers, toes, arms, and legs, but its bones are still weak and fragile. The suction is then turned on, with a force ten to twenty times more powerful than your household vacuum cleaner. The baby is rapidly torn apart by the suction, and squeezed through this tubing down into the suction machine, followed by the placenta. The abortionist uses a curette to scrape the lining of the uterus. A curette is basically a long-handled, curved blade. Once the uterus is empty, the speculum is removed and the abortion is complete.

Pro-Life Action League Launches National Campaign

To remind the nation of the injustice suffered by these hidden victims of abortion, the Pro-Life Action League is launching a new campaign, entitled, “They Were Our Brothers and Sisters,” premiering July 7 to15 throughout the Chicago area.

Life is beautiful at 7 weeks.

Life is beautiful at 7 weeks.

At busy intersections, Pro-Life Action League volunteers will hold larges signs featuring carefully selected images of abortion victims, with captions designed to evoke sympathy from passersby.

The most prominent of these new signs features a close-up of the face of a child aborted at 15 weeks, with large text reading, “His only baby picture.” Other signs show the hands of an abortion victim at 11 weeks and the tiny foot of a child aborted at 8 weeks, with captions reading “Ten perfect fingers,” and, “She’ll never learn to walk.” View the images at

Eric Scheidler, executive director of the Chicago-based Pro-Life Action League, explains that, while the public display of abortion victim photos has been done before, the League’s campaign is something new. “We combed through hundreds of abortion photos to find those that would most highlight the humanity of abortion’s unborn victims. Rather than emphasizing the blood and gore of the abortion procedure, the emphasis has been shifted to the lost lives of these children.”

Building on 18 years of experience showing abortion victim photos in public throughout the United States, Scheidler is confident this new campaign will make a difference. “Our new signs and literature invite viewers to consider abortion not just as a political controversy or moral question, but as a real, human tragedy, with victims who deserve our sympathy,” Scheidler said.

“They Were Our Brothers and Sisters” kicks off in the Chicago area on July 7, with twenty-four stops over eight days. Details are available at The group plans to roll out the campaign nationwide in the months ahead.

Colorado Cake Artist Jack Phillips goes to United States Supreme Court

In 2012 he had politely declining to design and create a cake for a same-sex wedding.

Colorado Cake Artist Jack Phillips goes to United States Supreme Court

Colorado Cake Artist Jack Phillips goes to United States Supreme Court

He has asked the court to uphold his freedom to live and work consistent with his religious convictions, a freedom the First Amendment guarantees. Full Article

The justices are being asked in the case — known as Masterpiece Cake shop Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights — whether shop owner Jack Phillips has to make a cake for Charlie Craig and David Mullins’s same-sex marriage under Colorado’s public accommodations law.  Video

Phillips claimed that decorating cakes is a form of art, that he can honor God through his artistic talents and that he would displease God by creating cakes for same-sex marriages.

Craig and Mullins claim Phillips discriminated against them based on their sexual orientation by refusing to make the cake they requested in 2012, in violation of the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act (CADA).

The Meaning of July 4th to Pro-life Advocates

The 4th of July probably means more to pro-lifers and all true patriots than any date in modern history.

On this day in 1776, our Founding Fathers declared “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Pro-life Fireworks across the American Flag

Pro-life Fireworks across the American Flag

They fought for their lives while we fight for the lives of our unborn. Full Article

They pursued the happiness of freedom from a tyrant and we seek happiness in order and morality, and for the right to follow our religious beliefs.

Yes, we can identify with our Founding Fathers and we must imitate those whose signatures are on the document seeking life, liberty and pursuit of happiness this 4th of July.


Michael John Poirier’s Music is now Free to Download

We highlight the power of the sacraments and how God still calls, renews, and equips his people to change the world – especially by the way we love and live the faith we claim to hold. Download Site

All of Michael John Poirier's music is now free to download and share.

All of Michael John Poirier’s music is now free to download and share.

Music calms, comforts, and encourages. Help us share a unique gift of music with women facing a crisis pregnancy. An MP3 player pre-loaded with over 2 hours of peaceful music that touches the heart and revives the soul. Here is a simple way you can help calm a mother in crisis by helping get one of these MP3 players to her for only $25. Comfort a Mother with Music!

Comfort a Mother with Music! MP3 Player pre-loaded with 43 songs. Over 2 hours of Lullabies & other songs for a donation of $25 – get one for yourself or a loved one. Better still, join others gifting one or more to a Pregnancy center.

I’m 56 years old and still recall my father’s piano playing when I went to bed at night. I savored his melodies as they drifted through the walls into my room. Sometimes think I get the copyright for his melodies that were planted in my heart. He was certainly ‘praying’ the keys; something I try to imitate on guitar. About Michael John Poirier

Ruben Andazola Releases Pro Life “DAD’s Song”

My name is Ruben Andazola and I want to thank you for the amazing work you are doing.  Please find an unreleased song “Dad’s Song” I have written about my personal journey to becoming Pro-Life attached.  The song is scheduled to hit stores on June 23, 2017 but I wanted to send a copy your way now in case there might be an opportunity to get connected with Pro-Life organizations and further spread the message of cherishing and protecting human babies to younger generations.

Ruben Emanuel Andazola Pro-Life Dad's Song

Ruben Emanuel Andazola Pro-Life Dad’s Song

Dad’s Song Promo Trailer

Throughout his rising music career he has been recording songs with underground Hip-hop names. My upcoming single, “Dad’s Song” is a piece on the uncomfortable topic of abortion.

I came here to Patreon because I know that there are many people out there who see the infanticide and the programming of the next generation to continue further down the path of eugenics.

I know that those people who can see would want to support getting the message contained in “Dad’s Song” spread far and wide. Facebook

He has been touring and creating music as a solo artist and touring in several countries, including the BringItBack stage at the world’s largest touring festival Van’s Warped Tour.

The Bi Weekly ELetter from the

The Prolife community, individuals, organizations, churches, and others bring there Pro-life work to the “NETWORK”, web and social media sites, to gain like minded supporters, increase fundraising, educate to change the culture, and build a stronger more effective Pro-life community. Start using the advertising power of the “Network” today!  View the ELetter

Business Is Booming At Planned Parenthood -  But Only When It Comes To Abortion

Business Is Booming At Planned Parenthood – But Only When It Comes To Abortion