The Race to Save Our Century – by Jason Jones and John Zmirak

The Race to Save Our Century is a book that could help you avoid dying at the hands of a euthanasia doctor. It might keep your kids from choosing abortion, and save your grandchildren from dying in a nuclear war or internment camp.

“An important book and just in time. John Zmirak is one of the most insightful writers in this still young century. He sees the ongoing perils of the decaying Republic, yet offers hopeful remedies for its ills.”

Fr. C.J. McCloskey, research fellow, Faith and Reason Institute

The Race to Save Our Century should be taught in every college in America. Do yourself a huge favor: chuck the newspapers for a while and read this book! You’ll learn infinitely more about what is happening in the world today.”

Eric Metaxas, New York Times Bestselling author of Bonhoeffer and Miracles …… More

Trent Horn – Can We Know When Life Begins?

Life. It is everywhere we look. Life ignites all of our actions. It is both fleeting and enduring. Boundless, and transient. The human species seems insignificant beside the power of nature, and the breadth of the life by which we are surrounded.
And yet, we have dominion over it all. It has been said that life is one of the most basic human rights.

But when does life begin?

The view that we can’t know when life begins is common among those who support legal abortion.
And because we can’t know, they say, this means pro-lifers shouldn’t impose their “religious belief” that life begins at conception on others by outlawing abortion.

But the claim that a human being’s life begins at conception isn’t religious dogma. It’s actually a scientific fact.

We can know three things about the unborn that tell us when human life begins. We know the unborn are alive, they are human, and they are whole organisms.

First, The unborn take in nutrients and grow via cellular reproduction.

Second, The unborn are offspring of human parents, and have human DNA.

And Finally, The unborn are human organisms like you or me whereas sperm, egg, and body cells are merely human tissue and do not have any rights. ………..More