Was Margaret Sanger Founder of Planned Parenthood a Racist?

Sanger was a passionate racial-eugenicist with a crowning vision for what she openly called “race improvement.”  One of Sanger’s favorite slogans, so much so that it adorned the masthead of her Birth Control Review, was this: “Birth Control: To Create a Race of Thoroughbreds.” by Dr. Paul Kengor from the Spectator.org.

Sanger hoped to finesse and refine the “gene pool.” She would do so not with gas chambers and concentration camps but with birth-control pills, eliminating human life before conception rather than after birth. Thus, her Planned Parenthood, which was originally called the American Birth Control League.

Margaret Higgins Sanger founder of Planned Parenthood, “IN HER OWN WORDS.” Her life ambition; her views on motherhood, adultery, teen sex, abortion, children, homosexuality, marital sex, compulsory sterilization, the rights of immigrants & indigents, the handicapped, the mentally ill, blacks, the church, etc. – all information compiled from her own writings! www.dianedew.com

Mike Wallace interviewed Margaret Sanger 9/21/57. Margaret Sanger, the leader of the birth control movement in America, talks to Wallace about why she became an advocate for birth control, over-population, and against the Catholic Church, and morality. Sanger in 1957. www.hrc.utexas.edu.

George Grant wrote Killer Angel: A Short Biography of Planned Parenthood’s Founder, Margaret Sanger in 1995. “This brief monograph is an attempt to set the record straight. It is an attempt to rectify that shameful distortion of the social, cultural, and historical record. It has no other agenda than to replace fiction with fact.” Available from Amazon.com as a paper back. Also readable FREE on the internet at www.entrewave.com. George Grants book is a must read for anyone who wants to know more about Margaret Sanger. Book Review by Pastor Childress of Black Genocide.

She was the founder of the American Birth Control League, which later became Planned Parenthood. View materials written by Margaret and copies of the actual newsletters from the American Birth Control League – published from 1917 until 1940. www.lifedynamics.com

NORFOLK, August 10, 2015 (ChurchMilitant.com) – Black pastors are demanding the Smithsonian Museum remove a bust of Margaret Sanger. Margaret Sanger Goes Bust




David Daleiden: Wake up America and stop Planned Parenthood’s cruel, inhuman practices.

Daleiden said that the irony of Planned Parenthood’s trafficking in fetal body parts is that unborn children “are not considered equal enough to deserve protection,” but it is “precisely their humanity that makes them valuable.”

He detailed his “emotional” reaction when he learned that the organization is trafficking aborted fetal body parts, and revealed that he suffered from nightmares upon the discovery. …… More @ Kate Scanlon The Daily Signal

The 10th undercover video by the Center for Medical Progress, the fourth instalment of its Human Capital series, was released Tuesday morning.

Thomas More Society, the public interest law firm spearheading David Daleiden’s legal defense against abortion industry attacks, has set up the Donate to David Daleiden Legal Defense Fund

Federal judge protects abortionists from truth about what they’ve been doing!But as David Daleiden’s attorneys…we at Life Legal are NOT taking this lying down! Article Life Legal Defense Foundation

“As I write this exhortation, videos are being released documenting the barbaric practice of selling baby body parts by Planned Parenthood,” he says. “Since this infamous agency receives around half a billion dollars each year from the U.S. Government, funds to carry on their slaughter of innocents, no American citizen, and certainly no man, can remain silent about this travesty of our times. We need to get off the sidelines and stand up for life on the front lines.” …… Catholic Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix

Say “no!” to the Culture of Death, even in a matter as “trivial” as a Jolly Roger t-shirt

This is the bottom line: if we surround ourselves with ugliness and grotesquerie, we shouldn’t be surprised to find our world growing more ugly and grotesque; if we dress our children that way, why should we expect them to aspire to beauty and nobility? “all people should understand the power of images”

I go on to point out that current brain research that shows that images have a profound, often unconscious, impact on the psyche.

This is something the Church has always understood: why else the great art, stained glass windows, cathedrals and Gregorian chant, the whole “smells and bells” routine?  Why else the traditional condemnation of “impure” images, and the stern warnings to steer clear of their dangers?

“When you think about it, why would you want Satan as a mascot?”  ……More @ James Milliken via Google+

Shouldn’t Christians Just Obey the Law?

If there’s one thing today’s secular progressive enjoys, it’s telling Christians how to be Christians.

The urge to lecture Christians on how to be Christian is almost irresistible in the dispute over whether businesses can be forced to participate in same-sex weddings.

“I thought you were a Christian. Aren’t Christians supposed to follow the law?”

In his Letter from a Birmingham Jail, Martin Luther King Jr. wrote one of the greatest commentaries ever written about what Christian citizenship requires. It is also instructive to remember the context in which the letter was written. It was a letter written to his fellow clergymen who were concerned about his activities. ……More by Joseph Backholm Family Policy Institute

September 12, 1683 Christian Army Defeats Muslin Turks.

On this date September 12, 1683 a Christian army led by Polish King John III Sobieski defeated the Muslim Ottoman Turks in battle, freeing the city of Vienna from a two months long siege and freeing Europe, for a time, from the fear of Islamic conquest.

The siege of Vienna in 1683 was the final salvo of a period lasting almost a millennium, starting when Charles Martel’s victory at Tours in 732 stemmed the first Muslim incursion into Europe, during which the Christian West was constantly under the threat of subjugation by the followers of Mohammed. …… MORE

Battle of Lepanto, 1571: What REALLY Happened? …… MORE

Save Lives Where You Live!!


The next campaign is September 23 to November 1. Will you join this life-saving effort in your home town?

The Beginning of the End of Abortion

40 Days for Life is the largest internationally coordinated pro-life mobilization in history, helping people in local communities end the injustice of abortion.


By the grace of God, 40 Days for Life has achieved a stunning track record of life-saving results since launching in 2007 and rapidly becoming a worldwide movement. …… MORE

Forcing Girls To Share A Bathroom With A Gender Confused Boy Is Abuse!!

In this situation, a 17 year old boy decided he was actually a girl, and thus should be entitled to use the girls’ locker room and bathroom. The school bent over backwards trying to find a compromise, even offering the guy a private, unisex facility, but that wasn’t good enough. He wanted the girls’ bathroom, and of course, what the girls wanted was entirely irrelevant.

There exists not a single compelling reason to let a boy into the girls’ bathroom. Especially in this case, where the kid was already given access to a separate unisex facility. If he wants more than that, guess what? Too bad.

Someone here is going to have to make a sacrifice. Someone here is going to have to be uncomfortable. That someone can either be one boy or several hundred girls. To chose the one over the hundreds is madness, pure and simple. Click here to read. … LEARN MORE

The First Person in the History of America to be Jailed for Believing Marriage is Between a Man and a Woman

Kentucky marriage clerk Kim Davis has just been ordered to jail by a federal court for refusing to issue licenses to gay couples. This marks the first time a clerk has been jailed since the Supreme Court’s decision legalizing gay “marriage” in all 50 states.

“I have no animosity toward anyone and harbor no ill will,” she said in a statement issued Tuesday. “To me this has never been a gay or lesbian issue. It is about marriage and God’s word. It is a matter of religious liberty.”

“It is not a light issue for me. It is a heaven or hell decision. For me it is a decision of obedience,” she said. ….. MORE at Church Militant

GRAYSON, Ky., September 9, 2015 (ChurchMilitant.com) – Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who was held in contempt of court last week for refusing to issue same-sex “marriage” licenses, has been freed from jail. …… MORE at Church Militant

Kim Davis is standing up for her beliefs, both Biblical regarding natural marriage, and Constitutional as an oath-sworn officer of the state of Kentucky. She should not be jailed, fined, or forced to compromise either belief. Perhaps Judge Bunning, and the five members of the Supreme Court who have decided they now have a heretofore unspoken power to make law, should take note. It’s the rule of law. …… MORE at ccvaction.org

September 29, 2015 (ChurchMilitant.com) – Pope Francis had a secret meeting with Kim Davis, the Kentucky marriage clerk who went to jail for refusing marriage licenses to same-sex couples because it goes against her Christian beliefs. The Pope thanked Davis for her courage and told her to be strong. He then gave her and her husband rosaries and asked her to pray for him. …… www.churchmilitant.com

Assisted Suicide: How One Woman Chose to Die, Then Survived

“I didn’t want to live,” Hall said. “I was just going to say, ‘Give me the barbiturates and call it good.’”

Doctors gave Hall, who was 55 at the time, two options: She could get radiation and chemotherapy and attempt to fight the cancer, or she could take a lethal dose of barbiturates to end her life.

Without treatment, Hall was given six months to a year to live, and therefore qualified for physician-assisted suicide through Oregon’s Death With Dignity law.

“She was terminal because she was refusing treatment,” Dr. Kenneth Stevens, one of Hall’s two cancer doctors, told The Daily Signal. “It’s like a person could be considered terminal if they’re not taking [their] insulin or [other] medications.”

Fifteen years later, Hall is now cured of cancer and celebrating her 70th birthday with her son—who has since graduated from the police academy but has yet to get married. …… READ MORE


March for Life won its court case against the Obamacare abortion-pill mandate!

Earlier today, the DC district court ruled in favor of the March for Life over the Obamacare mandate forcing groups to cover health insurance with drugs and devices that can destroy life. …… READ MORE