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My Magazine Stories Lied to Young Single Women

Sue Ellen Browder made up stories designed to soft-sell unmarried sex, sexual freedom, sex with married men, contraception, and abortion as the young single woman’s path to personal fulfillment. While I was at Cosmopolitan magazine, “I told a lot of lies in that magazine,” and “we were making up fantasies of women that were jumping into bed”. Supporting Articles… Read more »

Nuremberg Trial Defendants VS United States Supreme Court

Judgment at Nuremberg is a 1961 American drama film – Each defendant had chosen allegiance to their country over allegiance to what they knew was right and wrong.  Their actions were illegal under both International law and German law. If they had refused to help transform the German court system into an institution that, systematically, denied justice… Read more »

American Culture has been Pornified??

Since the 1950s generations of pornography users have grown up watching pornography. During the course of the intervening decades, pornography has become increasingly available and normalized. This should come as no surprise, as pornography users, who often start out as teenagers, grow up to become individuals who work as librarians, law enforcement officers, lawyers, judges,… Read more »

The Planned Parenthood PROBLEM

The problem with Planned Parenthood becomes clearest when we focus on the unborn child and the abortion that takes her body apart. The problem with Planned Parenthood is that the unborn child is a child, abortion takes her body apart, and any organization that takes an unborn child’s body apart should stop doing that. – Steve… Read more »

Walk for Life West Coast San Francisco California!

  January 23, 2016! Introducing our 12th annual Walk for Life speakers. We are very excited to announce our speakers for 2016. First is Jesús Emmanuel Acha Martinez, known everywhere throughout the Spanish-speaking world simply as Emmanuel. Emmanuel came on the music scene in Mexico in the late 1970’s. By the 1980’s he was arguably… Read more »

What Did Pope Francis Say?

A complete collection of the Holy Father’s remarks while on his apostolic journey to the United States. Read the Full Texts of All of Pope Francis’ Addresses During His Visit to the U.S. …… Cheer him for the teachings you like, and you risk seeing the truth in teachings you don’t. Vatican spokesman does not… Read more »

National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children, September 12

Tens of thousands of these children have been retrieved and buried at gravesites across our country. The stories of how they were killed, how they were found, and how they were buried, along with the pictures and videos that document those events, are powerful tools to awaken the consciences of our fellow citizens. But while… Read more »

The Race to Save Our Century – by Jason Jones and John Zmirak

The Race to Save Our Century is a book that could help you avoid dying at the hands of a euthanasia doctor. It might keep your kids from choosing abortion, and save your grandchildren from dying in a nuclear war or internment camp. “An important book and just in time. John Zmirak is one of… Read more »