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It’s about time the Unborn have their History Written

Every other human group seems to have a history dedicated to it, it seems that it’s about time for the unborn to have history written about them as well. Introduction to Article In this timeline, I focused on events. So it doesn’t give the whole picture: not the trends, or statistics, or general practices. I… Read more »

No One has Ever Died from not Having Sex

Dear friends, This week’s main article is a news report from The Christian Post about a new study from the US Centers for Disease Control showing that virginity is helpful to teens. I am quoted extensively. (My personal favorite: “No one has ever died from not having sex.”) In other words, the CDC’s data is… Read more »

Fighting to Save Young Dad from CRUEL DEATH!

Life Legal attorney Allison Aranda appeared in court yesterday on behalf of Joe Williams,*, the father of two small children who suffered a brain injury that left him disabled. Joe’s sister and parents called Life Legal after other members of Joe’s family had determined to starve and dehydrate him to death. When we were contacted… Read more »

Massachusetts Medical Society Yo-Yoing about “medical aid in dying.”

After what’s described here as an emotional debate, the Massachusetts Medical Society voted last month to survey its 25,000 members about attitudes toward “medical aid in dying.” The society has long opposed assisted suicide — e.g., in 2012, it joined the Catholic Church and disability groups in lobbying against a state “death with dignity” ballot… Read more »

Your January Marches Rally’s Across America

During January 2017 the Largest Continuous Protest in the History of America continues with over 100 Marches, Rally’s, Walks for Life happening across America! Find and Search for your Marches, Rally’s and Walks for Life at the following websites. Find out what is going in your hometown. Share with others. Find and Search for these Marches,… Read more »

When is the Last Time you Made Something that Demands your Energy and Creative Capacity?

I don’t mean sticking a pizza in the oven or putting together that table from Ikea. I mean really making something—a craft, a work of art, a piece of furniture, or anything that demands your energy and creative capacity. When visiting the public museum recently, my family and I made our way to the upper… Read more »

For women with No Place to Turn, Today’s Bronx Outshines Ancient Bethlehem

Just a few evenings from now, children badly costumed as shepherds and angels and wise men will appear in nativity pageants the world over. Even the worst of these performances will underscore the hope and humbleness of that first Christmas, when a Jewish woman with child brought forth her son in a stable because there… Read more »

I was absolutely fed up with being expected to carry the responsibility of keeping me not pregnant

Why should women be able to endure the side effects of the pill and men shouldn’t have to deal with it? Men have never had to bear the emotional or physical discomfort and possibly trauma of pregnancy, abortion, or birth control methods like hormonal pills or IUDs, so that creates an understanding gap in their ability to… Read more »

Arkansas Supreme Court Acknowledges Basic Biological Truths

“It does not violate equal protection to acknowledge basic biological truths.” The court said the laws served the important governmental objectives of tracing public health trends and helping individuals identify personal health issues and genetic conditions Full Article The court on Thursday ruled against three lesbian married couples who used anonymous sperm donors to conceive,… Read more »