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Forced out of Business for Believing In Natural Marriage, Eich is BACK

Brandon Eich was openly called a racist, Nazi, inhumane and publicly shamed because he believed in natural marriage and family. “A tech legend for his JavaScript and Firefox contributions, Eich was betrayed by his contemporaries and forced out of business as CEO of Mozilla, the company behind Firefox, because he supported natural marriage. Full article… Read more »

Catholic Bishops Give 2016 Election Guidance

Reflections on the 2016 Election by the Catholic Bishops. “All Catholics have a moral obligation to keep [the] human rights catastrophe” of abortion “at the forefront of their minds when voting.” Also Government agencies are increasingly “attempting to punish individuals and institutions that adhere to the truth that marriage can only be between a man… Read more »

Churches Must Speak Truth to Power

If a certain party gets elected, this certain party said, if the churches do not agree with our interpretation of women’s reproductive rights, they’ll just have to change their doctrine. We are at a “precarious moment in our history” when churches must speak truth to power or risk the loss of a lot more than… Read more »

Are you in Hillary Clintons “deplorables” Basket?

I would say you can take Trump supporters and put them in two big baskets,” Clinton said. “There are what I call the deplorables — the racists, you know, the haters, and the people who are drawn because they think somehow he’s going to restore an America that no longer exists. So just eliminate them… Read more »

My Magazine Stories Lied to Young Single Women

Sue Ellen Browder made up stories designed to soft-sell unmarried sex, sexual freedom, sex with married men, contraception, and abortion as the young single woman’s path to personal fulfillment. While I was at Cosmopolitan magazine, “I told a lot of lies in that magazine,” and “we were making up fantasies of women that were jumping into bed”. Supporting Articles… Read more »

Dobson: Electing Trump “would unleash Christians to fight for their beliefs”.

“I do recall he (Trump) said it was an outrage that Christians have been deprived of their rights to speak openly on behalf of the values and principles in which they believe,” Dobson wrote. “He was especially exercised by an amendment added to tax code legislation in 1954 by then-Sen. Lyndon Johnson. Full Article at… Read more »

Mother Teresa Schools Us about Abortion

Mother Teresa Abortion is a Rejection of Jesus! “But I feel that the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because Jesus said, ‘If you receive a little child, you receive me.’ So every abortion is the denial of receiving Jesus, the neglect of receiving Jesus.” Full Article at “I have said often, and… Read more »

California Cities Threaten Pro Life Pregnancy Centers

Two of the most crime-ridden places in the state of California, threaten legal action against pro-life pregnancy help organizations if they fail to comply with a new state regulation “Reproductive FACT Act”. Full Article at Pregnancy Help News This new regulation “Reproductive FACT Act” requires nonprofit pregnancy help centers to advertise the availability of government abortion services… Read more »

The Democratic Convention could be Called a War council.

A war on unborn babies, that is. Democrats have long favored abortion on demand, forced taxpayer funding of abortion, and support for groups like Planned Parenthood that make money killing the unborn. But this year’s platform is an open declaration of war on the lives of unborn babies. For years, Democrats have tried to mask their support… Read more »

Eyewitness Report: Trump Courts Evangelical Leaders

With Trump we have a chance. With Clinton we have no chance. This meeting was not about Trump’s Christian knowledge or virtues, but rather where he wants to take the country. I was one of over 1,000 Christian Leaders “inside the room” for an historic meeting with Donald Trump. Full Story at Pro Life News… Read more »