California Says “Religions Must Support Abortion”

Sacramento, California (June 1, 2017) — Democrats who dominate the California State Assembly have voted for impose their pro-abortion agenda upon churches, religious schools, religious colleges and universities, religious hospitals, religious care facilities, religious business owners, and other religious institutions in California.

State religion that forces churches what to believe

State religion that forces churches what to believe

AB 569 prohibits religious institutions from having codes of conduct or any employee policies that prohibit abortion or limit “reproductive health care decisions” in any way. If this bill becomes law, religious institutions in California with non-“ministerial” employees can no longer uphold their beliefs about contraception, abortion, or sex outside of marriage in employee policies. Full Article

“This intolerant bill brashly crosses the line between Church and State,” Thomasson said. “The new ‘religion’ of AB 569 is to tell children at church schools that good Christianity is where teachers and church secretaries have unmarried sex and get abortions. This is the big nose of the government poking itself where it absolutely doesn’t belong. Do Californians want a State religion that forces churches what to believe?”

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