Biology, Transgenderism, and the Human Person

Surgery and hormones can repress or instigate secondary sex characteristics such as voice pitch, hair growth, and breast development.

Gender identity and expressionSociety then tells the lie that an outward change in secondary sex characteristics is, in fact, a change in gender itself. Yet, secondary sex characteristics are in fact secondary because their expression does not of itself make a person male or female. In reality, gender fact biologically stamped upon every cell of the human body, an imprint which no amount of surgery, hormones, or perception can alter.

Genitals do not equal gender. Personal choice cannot alter gender. It is an intimate and essential fact of creation that is biologically imprinted upon each person, whether or not society chooses to accept it.

It is a false charity to pretend that people can change their gender to feel “more at home in their own skin.” People who have undergone gender reassignment surgeries continue to suffer greatly, with increased levels of suicide and mental illness compared to the general population. Humans can not live out a lie in their bodies and be happy. Full Article

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